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Meet the Team: Deanna Westbrook

Jun 11, 2024

In this instalment of our beloved “Meet the Team” series, we’re travelling over to our eastern office in Kitchener, Ontario to chat with Senior Account Manager, Deanna Westbook. She’s giving us the local rundown – from Kitchener restaurant recommendations to who her dog, Hudson, likes the most in the office. 

How long have you been at the agency for? 
This might be my 6th year. 
Editor's note: correct. 

What drew you to a career in marketing, and how did you start your journey? 
It was an accident. I used to work for a family-owned company and was able to spend time in different departments. I was tried the marketing side and thought it was so fun, so I just kept going.  

It wasn't an ambition or a plan - it just kind of happened and now I love it. 

What has been the most rewarding project so far at Show and Tell? Why?  
I really enjoy large complex multifaceted projects that are challenging to understand. 

For example, with our Development or Programming projects, the technology is always changing and it’s an opportunity to learn something new. I love those types of projects more than a simple “in and out” one and I always strive to rise to the challenge of something new.  

What has been one of your favourite ad campaigns in recent years? Why?  
I thought you might ask me about this and was annoyed that Mat kinda stole my answer! 

I love Huckberry Home’ content marketing because I’m super into interior design, DYI and ripping out bathrooms and such.  

The Iceland One is the best – I would love to visit Iceland one day! 

You work out of our KW Office – Can you give us the rundown? 
It's a tremendous amount of fun and a laid-back, tight-knit team. We have a super nice office space that we enjoy coming to and working in.  

Everyone has known each other for 10+ years. I knew many from the team and worked with them agency- to- agency before I came to Show and Tell. For example, I’ve known Chris Riehl for 20+ years.  

We’re all great friends who also get to be colleagues which makes it a super great place to come to work.  

What about your favourite restaurant recommendations nearby? 
I consider myself the type of person who would eat anything, but when I looked through my Rolodex – I must especially love South Asian cuisine.  

If I had an unlimited budget, Loloan Lobby Bar would be my choice. They use ingredients like lemongrass and chilli in their Asian-inspired cocktails. 

For lunch, I would go to Bao Sandwich Bar, it's an Asian fusion take-out. The other place is an insider tip - it's a Bahn Mi Girval Deli in downtown Kitchener and the food is outrageously delicious, and you'd never notice it but if you go in, it's packed because if you know you know.   

We know Hudson is a beloved office dog – who’s his favourite person in the office? 
Boris. No question about it. There is a daily trip to Tim Hortons that the guys take, and he always brings back 2 Timbits for Hudson.  

Editor's note:  We asked what his favourite type of Timbit is and apparently, they are gone so fast it's impossible to know (unless you’re Boris).  

What’s something that your coworkers may not know about you? 
I spend one night a week volunteering at our local hospital in Kitchener at the emergency department and it's the highlight of my week. I manage the Emergency Room waiting room and triage area. When my kids moved out, I had all this free time and I thought I should change my focus and decided to set some goals and volunteering was a huge one.  

Also reading! I’m a big fiction reader and always try to read the CBC Canada Reads list. I also look at the Barack Obama reading list and typically read 2-3 books a month.  

Funny you say that, we had heard you’re a reader – what’s your book recommendation?  
Hotline by Dimitri Nasrallah is a favourite. He’s a Lebanese-Canadian author and professor based out of Montreal. It is a touching story about an immigrant family and moving to a new country with a much different culture and climate has its challenges. 

Solito by Javier Zamora is another great choice. It’s an autobiography of a 9-year old boy who travels alone from El Savador and follows his challenging migration to America. 

In your opinion, what qualities make a great marketer? 
Always being open to learn something new, whether it’s for your client's success or to contribute to your personal processes - you’ll be a better marketer if you immerse yourself in new things.  

Be constantly evolving and committed to learning and providing what's new and important to our clients. Account Managers are the front line and need to be sure that we’re always looking to bring the next best thing to our clients. 

What is your favourite social platform? Why? 
I am a closet TikTok watcher. I do look at Instagram regularly and am obsessed with Facebook Marketplace.  

Do you have an office ick? 
No, because if I said it, I would out some of my colleagues. We’re a small office.  

What is your advice on maintaining great client relationships? 
It's hard because as an Account Manager, I am usually 110% scheduled and don't have a lot of free time. The best way to maintain is to be proactive and reactive. Don't wait to be asked to do something. Don't ask a question you might already know the answer to instead offer your expertise to solve the problem with something like, “I noticed X and was thinking you’d be interested in implementing X to address this.”  

It shows you’re proactive and thinking about their needs and they’ll appreciate you strategizing on their behalf.  

Lastly, what advice would you give to someone new at the agency? 
I think that you asked Lia this question and she said sit in on every meeting you can  – that’s the best. But I would say if time permits, new hires should shadow a different person in each department for a day during their first week, so they have a comprehensive understanding of how each department contributes to the whole. 

I think with this onboarding approach, we understand and appreciate each other’s work more.  

Anything else that you want people to know or closing words? 

Come to KW, we’re fun and it’s lovely here! 

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of our Meet the Team series! Stay tuned to meet the rest of us at The Show and Tell Agency.