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Meet the Team: Lia Crabbe

Apr 4, 2024

meet the team lia

We’re continuing our “Meet the Team” Series with our next spotlight on Account Manager – Lia!  

Once part of legacy Sherpa and now an integral member of the Show and Tell team, Lia brings a wide range of experience to the clients and teammates she works with.  


How long have you been with The Show and Tell Agency?  

5 months. 

What has been the most rewarding project so far at Show and Tell? Why? 

My most rewarding project so far has been the ADAMA MAXENTIS fungicide product launch. The creative is clever and stands out amongst typical agriculture messaging – even ADAMA’s other campaigns. I got to work with our creative and digital departments to get the campaign underway. The client was great to work with on the campaign with quick approvals. 

Give one word to describe #AgencyLife:  

Educational. To add a few more words, that’s been my favorite thing about working in an agency. You get to learn all about your client's industry and business. You have to know it to be able to talk about it.  

What has been one of your favourite ad campaigns in recent years? Why? 

Anything Dove does. Their “Real Beauty” message has been consistent for twenty years and they show us untypical beauty in others and ourselves. 

Who would play you in your biopic?  

Julia Roberts.  
Editor's note: Lia answered this IMMEDIATELY.  

 What’s your favorite advertising/marketing channel? 

Wherever video can be found: social media, TV, Connected TV (streaming services), YouTube, display ads. Clever messages shared through video can be simple like words on a screen, or complex animation and video editing. 

You work out of our Winnipeg office: What are your favourite restaurants in Winnipeg?

Deer and Almond, Enoteca, and Nola. 

For a quick bite I love getting takeout from Watt Street Bistro. Great soups, Pad Thai and sizzling dishes. It's delicious. 

What sports team(s) are you rooting for? 

In what league...? Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Columbus Blue Jackets (older sons' team), Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, KC Chiefs. And Team Canada for anything international.  

If you weren’t managing accounts – what position would you want to hold at the agency? 

I’d manage projects for all our internal agency teams. Right now, our Production Management team schedules and manages the Creative department and the Account team helps resource our departments for most efficiency! 

What is your advice on maintaining great client relationships? 

Reply to communications, even if you don’t have the answer or solution. A client – or teammate – wants to know their email, text, or phone call has been received and is being considered, so a simple “Yep, we’re looking into this” is always appreciated. But, some clients get so many emails they prefer getting a response only when the answer is ready to share… so ask them!  

Also! If your client is in a different location than you, add their local weather to your weather app so you have something easy to chat about. 

What’s your motto?  

Do what’s right for you and be happy. 

Lastly, what advice would you give to someone new at the agency?  

Ask loads of questions! Talk with people from different departments to learn what they do and what the department does. 


Which team member should we feature in our next interview? Any burning questions you'd like answered? Stay tuned to meet the rest of the Show and Tell Agency team.