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Arresting creative that gets noticed. Digital marketing that delivers results. With McKim and Sherpa Marketing now working as one, we’re excited to build a new legacy. Welcome to Show and Tell.

Marty & Peter
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Data Meets Drama

What happens when a creative powerhouse and a digital marketing master combine? Your marketing benefits from the best of both.

Our Team

Marty Fisher
President / Principal
Marty is father to five children and a dedicated husband, PC gamer (Nerd!) and passionate skier (both snow and water). Over 25 years, he grew Sherpa Marketing, one of our two legacy agencies, from a one-person shop to an agency with a talented roster of staff that provides full-stack advertising services to clients across the world, including Fortune 500 businesses.

Marty is inherently curious about all things “marketing.” His passion for learning has led to the discovery, creation and adoption of many technological advances in marketing technology. Whether it was building his first client website in 1998 or his first TikTok ad in 2020, he is always on the leading edge of what’s the next big thing. He has a natural ability to quickly find winning channels, SaaS platforms and technology for his clients.

His favourite band is U2 and his hobby is collecting boats. He says that his number one sports team is the Toronto Maple Leafs but we really think he means the Winnipeg Jets.

Marty has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Guelph.
Justin Ambay
Meet Justin, our dedicated Controller who ensures our financial ship sails smoothly. With an adept hand at balancing and closing the books and preparing meticulous financial statements every month, Justin plays a pivotal role in maintaining our financial integrity. Justin’s expertise goes beyond numbers – he is an essential support to our fantastic CFO, Naomi, whom he adores dearly.

With his sharp financial acumen and penchant for creating good times, Justin adds a unique blend of professionalism and fun to our team.

Off duty, you will find Justin indulging in reality TV shows and playing host to lively parties alongside his partner and their furry friend, Jax the dog.

He is a proud graduate of the University of Manitoba; he has a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree.
Andrea Baryliuk
Account Supervisor
Andrea has been part of our client services team for 10 years, bringing with her over a decade of marketing and brand management experience. Her past career experiences on both the corporate and agency side of the marketing industry give Andrea a unique understanding of client needs. She has a contagious laugh, a special ability for connecting with clients and colleagues, and frequently finds herself mentoring people in the department.

She holds a BA in communications from the University of Winnipeg and a Creative Communications diploma from Red River College Polytechnic.

Happiest in nature, Andrea can be found hiking, biking, kayaking and chasing after her three dogs. She often combines her love for the outdoors with travel and is always planning her next adventure.
Jaime Cushnie
Director, Creative Services
Jaime is an accomplished creative with over 15 years' experience working with agency clients in the ag, fintech and health-care industries. Previous to that, she worked as an in-house graphic designer.

Today, as director of creative services, she loves collaborating with the creative team to plan and execute campaigns to elevate our clients’ brands.

She graduated from RRC Polytech’s Graphic Design program and received her BFA from the University of Manitoba, with a major in photography.

Outside of work you can find Jaime chilling at the lake with family, planning her next travel adventure, or getting tattooed.
Jeff Bridges
Senior Application Developer
Allow us to introduce you to Jeff, a coding maestro at Show and Tell. Armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Wilfrid Laurier University, he possesses a knack for untangling the trickiest of tech puzzles. As Senior Application Developer, Jeff has been seamlessly transforming complex challenges into elegant solutions with us since 2005. With an impressive 20 years in the industry, Jeff stands as an invaluable cornerstone of our development team’s triumphs.

Beyond his coding finesse, he’s a passionate sports enthusiast, channeling the same tenacity from the field to his code. He finds joy in the company of his wife Nancy and their daughter Sarah, along with their dynamic duo of furry companions: Norman, the exuberant yellow lab, and Buzz, the spirited blend of a Boston terrier and dachshund.
Mike Brown
Senior Digital Marketer
Mike crafts comprehensive digital strategies that drive tangible results. By staying ahead of trends and executing with precision, he constructs vivid customer personas and guides campaigns seamlessly through the marketing funnel. He been with the agency since 2016.

Outside of work, you can catch Mike biking through the streets of Winnipeg, or at a park or golf course looking for birds through his binoculars.

He has a B.Comm (Hons.) from the Asper School of Business.
Carey Pradinuk
Associate VP Creative
Father of three, friend to many, archenemy of one (you know who you are), Carey is an excellent TV watcher, decent athlete and marginal poker player. He loves good food, good laughs and getting up late on the weekends – unless he’s got an early tee time.

Carey has been around advertising his entire life and owes everything to his dad for giving him something to do after leaving university (early). Over the past 25 years, Carey has been materially involved in creating numerous successful brands, campaigns and taglines, including some you’ve actually heard of.

A natural critic, Carey pushes himself and his department to find something compelling to say (or show) in every project. He likes to take chances and push the limits, even when he probably shouldn’t. Carey has managed to surround himself with many talented people and he appreciates them all for putting up with him. 

Favourite sports team: Let’s go Blue!
Favourite movie: Aliens
Go-to Meal: Fett Chili from Café Carlo
Andrew Baulin
Account Manager
Andrew joined the agency in 2018 as account manager, where he enjoys collaborating with clients to help achieve their goals and learning about different industries. He can talk about biologicals, crops and yields with the best of them and has earned a special designation in the eyes of clients and colleagues as one of the accounts services team’s subject matter experts in agriculture and agricultural marketing.

In his free time, he can be seen Hungarian dancing at major events and weddings and running marathons.

Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in applied science and previously worked in data reporting.
Chloe Snaith
Digital Marketing Specialist
Chloe joined the Show and Tell team after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing from the Asper School of Business. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, she happily executes the digital team’s outbound strategy.

After five years of playing hockey for the University of Manitoba Bisons, Chloe now spends her free time enjoying the less physically taxing aspects of life such as reading, relaxing at the lake and (shamelessly) listening to Taylor Swift. Preferably all at once!

Her dream travel destination is … everywhere!
Lia Crabbe
Account Manager
Lia brings a diverse career background to her work, which includes agriculture, utilities, lotteries, telecom, financial services and planning advertising for major events. Her favourite part of agency life is learning about clients’ industries and businesses, and she delights in using customer data to develop targeted marketing programs. Clients and colleagues know her for her attention to detail and skills in organization, relationship nurturing and process efficiency.

After earning a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) at the University of Manitoba, Lia’s career started in sales for a printing company. Her technical knowledge led to production management at an agency, which evolved into account management, where she stuck. Highlights include producing the first digital superboard in Winnipeg, pitching the winning logo design for the 1999 Pan Am Games and exceeding KPIs for a herbicide product launch in northern plains of the U.S.

Lia is a proud parent of two young men with whom she shares her passion for travel… though recent trips have centred on professional or U.S. college sports. She roots for the Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears. Lia also mothers a yellow Lab and a Boston Terrier. She’s lived in three countries on two continents and has held Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre tickets for more than half her life. Her two favourite beverages are black coffee and sour craft beer.
Natalia Ferrari
Paid Marketing Specialist
Natalia started managing paid marketing campaigns in 2013, when Instagram hadn’t started serving ads yet, Google Ads was AdWords, and TikTok didn’t exist. Can you imagine?

Her growing passion and intense dedication to developing her paid marketing skills drove her to teach marketing courses and lead the Digital Marketing Certificate Program at a university near her home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which she still does to this day.

At Show and Tell, Natalia is best known for taking clients’ paid marketing budgets and transforming them into the best campaigns they’ve ever seen, surpassing every industry benchmark, projection and even our own previous efforts.

While not managing ads, you’ll find her practicing yoga, studying philosophy, writing poems and playing with the family dogs.

Natalia has a B.Comm (Hons.) from Universidad Caece Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.
Anna Bulman
Account Coordinator
Anna is an integral part of our client services team. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Agribusiness program and began her career at a large Winnipeg-based agricultural business.

Her warm and friendly personality, client-focused approach and background allow her to provide insight and advice to our agricultural sector clients.

Away from the office, Anna enjoys spending time with Otis, her chocolate lab, and hanging out with friends and family at the lake.
Audra Lesosky
Executive Vice President
Audra has been working as a communications professional since 1988 but still says she doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. In her role as Executive Vice President, Strategy, she shepherds the strategic services team in delivering brand and marketing strategy. A confessed information junkie and drama addict, she also leads the agency’s research and issues management practices.

She’s been voted mostly likely to be the first team member to drop expletives in client meetings.

Outside the agency she writes and stage manages live theatre and always seeks to visit the oldest pub wherever in the world she travels.
Jennifer Fabrik
Senior Strategist
Jenn is a seasoned marketing and brand strategist with nearly a decade of experience working with regional and national organizations from coast to coast. As Senior Strategist, Jennifer is an expert navigator and perceptive partner – working alongside clients and their stakeholders to unearth key insights, build sound foundations and craft conscious strategies.

Jennifer lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, with her husband, son and their dog, Louie. Outside of work and family life, you’re likely to find Jenn baking, thrifting and asking to pet any dog within sight.

Jennifer holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Regina.

Fun facts:

Any hobbies/collections: I love to thrift and collect unique vintage pieces.
Any pets: A Goldendoodle named Louie
Go-to drink: Iced-coffee
Myles Barr
Director of Digital Marketing
Meet Myles, The Show and Tell Agency’s Director of Digital Marketing as well as a connoisseur of eclectic and groovy beats. Armed with a B. Comm in Marketing and an MBA from the University of Manitoba, Myles leads our incredible digital department, comprised of 11 skilled marketers, ranging from strategic whiz’s to paid marketing pros, and everything in between.

Based in beautiful Winnipeg (it really is ...), Myles lives with his wife, two kids, and a zoo of patience-testing animals ... how long are cats supposed to live again?!

Beyond work, Myles loves hanging out with family/friends. He also loves cycling and curating tunes that get people moving.
Alex Shao
Outbound Specialist
Alex Shao is a marketing professional with experience in strategic planning and digital marketing. With over five years of industry experience, he’s excelled as an outbound specialist at Show and Tell, driving impactful email campaigns and contributing to the digital marketing team. Alex attended the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba, where he received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing. Outside of work, Alex practices Muay Thai and loves watching re-runs of The Office.
Katie Schuster
Art Director
Katie earned her spot as one of our talented art directors with her progressive, playful and human-centric approach to leadership and design. After graduating from Ottawa’s Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in 2010, she worked her way to prairie country from parliament city. Soon after arriving in Winnipeg in 2016, she landed a graphic designer job at Show and Tell, and we’ve never looked back.

You can catch her in the wild fishing on Crow Lake, ON with her grizzled Frenchie, Oliver, or tinkering between lino-printing and charcoal drawing.
Caitlin Popoff
Senior Graphic Designer
While she once dreamed of working behind the scenes in movies, Caitlin’s path led her to Red River College Polytechnic, where she handily earned a Graphic Design diploma. While she was still a student, she came to Show and Tell and we never let her leave! (Kidding!)

Ten years later, Caitlin’s talents and leadership qualities have earned her the title of senior graphic designer, where she is well-known for her attention to detail across a wide range of projects. And during that time, she has designed a movie poster that graced the halls of a theatre, so in a roundabout way her childhood dream kind of came true.

After hours, Caitlin keeps busy gardening at home and in her neighbourhood community gardens and appeasing her dog Lilo.
James Pham
Digital Marketing Specialist
James joined Show and Tell in 2021 as an intern and quickly transitioned to one of our full-time digital marketers after graduating. He is well-versed in data analytics and has a knack for content creation. Whenever the digital team faces a new challenge, James is known to roll up his sleeves to help in any way – whether it’s learning to code, editing videos or immersing himself in new tech (AR, AI).

Outside of work, James enjoys experimenting with new food recipes. “This tastes about right...” would probably be the most overheard thing said at his diner (if he ever owns one). And his restaurant’s bestseller? Vietnamese coffee.
Alina Oliinyk
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Alina Oliinyk is a digital marketing magician with four years of turning clicks into conversions and managing digital marketing campaigns under her belt.

When she’s not busy coordinating killer campaigns, you can catch her effortlessly nailing the art of flat-lay photography, capturing life’s little details in style. But that’s not all – she’s also a hiking enthusiast, fearlessly exploring the great outdoors one trail at a time. And did we mention her sweet side? Alina's not just a passionate digital marketer, she’s also a baking extraordinaire, adding a sprinkle of creativity to everything she does.

So, whether she’s shaping a campaign, conquering a peak, or crafting a culinary masterpiece, Alina does it all with a wink, a smile and a touch of enchantment.
Jenny Tran
Account Coordinator
Jenny is a highly organized and detail-oriented Account Coordinator, providing essential support for both clients and our Client Services team. Her keen eye and ability to spot an error from a mile away have made her a sought-after go-to for all things quality assurance at the agency.

Jenny attended the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, where she received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing.

When she is not using her eagle eyes to proof documents, she can be found binge-watching movies, playing video games, all while sipping away on a roasted milk tea. She is a true multitasker!
Michael McCaffrey
Digital Marketing Consultant
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being in a meeting with Michael, you’ll understand why he’s often thought of as a “Marketing Unicorn” 🦄

That’s because he’s both analytical and creative, which means he can help you with your “why” as well as your “what.” If you’re in it to get results, he’s the guy you want thinking about your business and how to scale it. He’ll challenge you, hold you accountable, and hold himself to the highest standard.

When he’s not making thought leadership videos about the sales funnel and talking about the customer-facing experience, he’s hiking and canoeing in the backcountry (check out his YouTube channel here →, competing at a high level in sports (he’s a 5.0-rated pickleball player), playing chess (1800 rapid on, and brushing up on nutrition and epidemiology.

Michael has also founded multiple businesses and has well over a decade of experience in marketing. He has a B.Comm (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba.
Naomi Medeiros
Naomi is our spreadsheet-loving CFO and has been with the agency since 2009, when she was lured away from the banking world by all the razzle and dazzle that advertising has to offer. Naomi’s recent interest in hiking was converted to full passion after experiencing Switzerland for the first time in the summer of 2023. When travelling, Naomi misses her dog Max and two cats, Willow and Ollie, who never stop making her laugh with all their purr-formances.
Justin Unrau
Graphic Designer
Justin (he/him) is a dynamic professional with an academic arsenal consisting of at least two diplomas related to his Graphic Designer job at Show and Tell – one in Graphic Design and another in Digital Media Design. Before joining the agency, he worked in various design capacities in the worlds of medical technology, video games and advertising.

He has been with the agency since 2021, bringing ideas and strategies to fruition through vibrant visual design solutions.

Outside of work you can either find him playing with his daughter, knee deep in a videogame, or outside playing a round of Disk Golf.
Mathew Carvalho
New Business Developer
Mathew. Yes, you read that right: there is only one “t” in his name. His love of photography, video and travel is what brought him to Show and Tell in 2017. “Mat With One T” has a unique role at the agency as the agency’s agile content producer and one of our business development gurus.

But his favourite part of the job is content capture day. He enjoys getting into the thick of it all with clients on location where, no matter their industry, he helps to tell their stories in a fresh way. Carvie, as he is also known, always looks for the narrative and believes that most people just need a little help looking in the right places. 

Mat has a Business Admin degree from the University of Winnipeg.

When he's not in the office you will find him somewhere warm, with his partner and their son (a French bulldog) named Chester, who by the way frequents Show and Tell’s Winnipeg office and where everyone just calls him Cheddar.
Brent Morrisseau
Creative Director
Brent has always believed that the sharpest minds in the biz can only make you sharper. That’s why he is proud to have worked with the people he has over the course of his 26-year career.

A graduate of Red River College Polytechnic, Brent’s award-winning genius has played a huge role in creating and giving expression to many well-known brands and campaigns over the years. He says the insight, wisdom and vision of both clients and colleagues continue to inspire this creative director every day.

In his spare time, Brent loves to tee it up with his close friends whom he calls “brothers,” long walks with the love of his life, Lindsay, and every opportunity to meet up with friends and family.
Gary Gobeil
Director, Production Services
Gary brings more than 30 years industry experience to his unique role as Director of Production Services. Before joining the agency in 2005, he started out in pre-press, printing and eventually settled into production management. An accomplished execution expert with an extensive network of production partners, he collaborates with the creative team to steward the agency’s print, outdoor, broadcast commercial TV and radio, digital, and novelty item projects from concept to completion through to post-production analysis.

Gary’s agency portfolio is as expansive as it is surprising. To date, his creative thinking and relationships with suppliers has seen some of our most memorable custom client pieces, including a raccoon costume; a 3-D sign; and wrapping an LRT Train in Calgary, a VIA Rail train car; and several Winnipeg Transit buses.

In Gary’s spare time, he is a Winnipeg Blue Bomber and Winnipeg Jets fan and a lover of golf. He's best known as a running enthusiast and has ambitious goals and dreams that sadly get crushed by his love of whiskey sours and craft beer.

Fun facts:

Favourite sport/sport team Blue Bomber Season Ticket holder fan extraordinaire!

Go-to drink/meal I make a mean Whiskey Sour

Dream travel destination Boston to run the marathon
Ron Sawchuk
VP Creative Services
Ron wasn’t always the VP of Creative Services at Winnipeg’s most recognized ad agency. His wide and varied interests meant that his first calling was to become a surgeon. But after a year of not taking notes at university and dissecting lab rats incorrectly, Ron remembered the suggestion his Grade 8 science teacher made to consider a career in advertising. Always a good listener, Ron put aside the potential embarrassment of medical malpractice lawsuits, and instead has spent the past 35 years creating successful ad campaigns, developing memorable brands and leading a team of talented creative individuals at the newly rebranded Show and Tell Agency. Ron believes in the notion of inspiring change for the agency’s clients and hopes one day to be an architect.
Emily Clarke
Agile Social Content Creator

Emily is a content creator with a love for global trends and local community.

Before joining the Show and Tell Agency, she used her talents in content creation, digital strategy, and audience engagement with local organizations including Folklorama and Lennard Taylor.

Now she brings her skills in content optimization and aesthetic curation to her role as Agile Content Creator where she turns social metrics into fireworks for both our agency and clients to create content for a variety of audiences.

When she’s not capturing content, you can find Emily either breaking a sweat at a 6 a.m. boxing class or perfecting her craft as a home cook – her hobbies tend to cancel each other out.

Dean Hilario
Account Coordinator

Dean is a serial hobbyist who enjoys all things marketing. As an Account Coordinator, he pulls from his varied experience, doing almost every marketing job in some capacity, but has found his home working with clients and helping them elevate their brands through meaningful campaigns. He brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical insight to every project, ensuring that content not only looks great but achieves strategic objectives.

When he’s not in the office, Dean is usually busy getting lost in his many hobbies. This season, it’s a mix of fantasy basketball, real basketball, and researching gear for the never-ending upgrade list on his bike.

Alison Ireland
Demand Generation Specialist
Meet Alison, the creative mind fueling demand generation at Show and Tell. Armed with a BA (Hons) in history and a post-grad certificate in marketing management, Alison combines her inquisitive mindset with imagination to sink her teeth into marketing challenges and craft compelling strategies. As a demand generation specialist, she’s found the perfect role that balances her dynamic skillset.

After living in Galway, Ireland for two years (yes, coincidentally her last name is Ireland, too!), Alison happily now creates detailed travel itineraries for anyone interested in visiting the Emerald Isle. When she’s not dreaming up her next adventure, Alison enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, getting lost in pages of historical fiction, practicing hobby photography and passionately anticipating the arrival of fall every year.
Sharon Knutson
Chief Operating Officer & HR
Sharon graduated from the University of North Dakota with a BA in Communications. She has worked at the agency since 2006 and has held various leadership roles. When Sharon isn’t working, she spends time with her family and friends at the cottage. She loves to watch her children play sports and travel the world!
Tim Horn
Account Manager
Tim is an Account Manager at Show and Tell and a seasoned pro in marketing, communications and sales. With more than a decade of experience on both the client and agency side of the industry, Tim is well-versed in arts and culture, IT, higher education, consulting, finance and more.

His academic journey includes a BA in Film Studies from the University of Manitoba and a diploma in Creative Communications from Red River College Polytechnic.

When he’s not immersed in the marketing world, you’ll find Tim devouring films, hitting the gym, exploring comics and delving into classic literature – all while juggling the demands of his most coveted role – being a dad.
Jesse Cringan
VP Account Services
Jesse Cringan has worked with the agency’s client service team in Winnipeg since 2008 and before that spent a decade in a series of senior Federal political roles in Ottawa.

He leads a highly capable, diverse and experienced Client Services team at the agency that at its core is committed to delivering real impact and significant business-altering results for all our clients.

In his spare time, you’ll find him living vicariously through his daughters Rooney and Lux – who both appear to play competitive hockey and soccer every day – and planning the next family trip to a Pearl Jam concert.

Jesse has an MBA, BA (4-year Hons.)
Colton Toews
Jr. Copywriter
Colton began copywriting while taking comedy writing classes at The Second City in Toronto. In 2022, he graduated from Red River College Polytechnic’s Creative Communications program with a specialization in advertising.

After freelancing during his first year out of college, Colton realized he was making far too much money. Before a life of extravagance could corrupt him any further, Colton left the world of freelancing to join us in March 2023 as Jr. Copywriter. He’s been loving life ever since.
Robert Janzic
Senior Business Analyst
Robert Janzic is The Show and Tell Agency’s Senior Data Analyst where he specializes in deciphering what digital marketing campaign results really mean. His career in marketing goes back to the 1990s and spans Canada, Europe and Africa, which helps give him a global perspective when approaching client work. From brand development to marketing strategies to campaign measurement and attribution, Robert is a true full-stack marketer.

He started at the agency in 2011, and during that time has taught marketing at the University of Winnipeg’s PACE (Professional, Applied and Continuing Education) Program.

Robert holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has also successfully completed numerous marketing and platform certifications.
Erik Athavale
Director, Strategic Services
Erik Athavale has worked in advertising and marketing for more than two decades and has been with the agency since the mid-aughts. He’s a multi-hyphenate marketing leader with progressively senior experience in both accounts and strategy, a sought-after and dynamic presenter and group discussion moderator, and an inspiring writer for foundational and iterative brand lexicon. He has two hound dogs, Belvedere and Jolene, who dominate his Instagram feed.

Erik has a B.Comm (Hons.) from the Asper School of Business.
Eric Leenders
Senior Application Developer
Meet Eric, our resident software developer. Eric is the living embodiment of dedication and expertise and a true company veteran, having kickstarted his illustrious coding career right here at Show and Tell in 2010.

Eric is a fervent supporter of the Maple Leafs and TFC, bringing the same dedication to the game as he does to his code. He also loves diving into thrilling video games and epic board game battles with friends.

He’s the guy who never backs down from a challenge, be it in coding or in a heated Catan match.

With Eric on board, you can rest assured that no coding conundrum is too daunting – he’s the ultimate troubleshooter and a true asset to the Show and Tell family.
Boris Ibanez
XR Developer
Boris is a seasoned veteran in the digital marketing space with an impressive 25 years of industry experience. Since joining the agency in 2019, he’s proved he is more than a digital marketer; he’s also a visionary Mixed Reality Developer and regularly works with the agency’s creative team to blend virtual and real worlds.

Boris has a wealth of experience, boundless creativity, and “a heart that beats for innovation” to make him an integral part of the agency's digital excellence team.

Beyond the screen, Boris has a passion for the hard rock sounds of Soundgarden and gets an adrenaline rush watching mixed martial arts. But you might say his true love is cuisine, where he comes off as a true Italian aficionado.
Deanna Westbrook
Sr. Account Manager
Deanna has been a member of the Show and Tell squad since 2018 and brings more than 20 years of agency experience to her A-game. Working out of the Kitchener, Ontario office, she is an upbeat and friendly face for clients, dedicated to making them look good. Her less productive sidekick, Hudson the Wonder Dog, is often in the office with her, and compensated for his work with peanut butter flavoured treats.

When Deanna is not juggling her Account Management responsibilities (one-handed, of course) she is committing time to several volunteer organizations in her community, chipping away at Barack Obama’s summer reading list, binge-watching the occasional cheesy medical drama, or scrolling through social to look at delicious food she is unlikely to cook.
Tannaz Sotoudehnema
Graphic Designer
Tannaz is a strategic multidisciplinary graphic designer with a strong passion for branding and communication design, and a goal to make design solutions for communication problems. She has been bringing her special blend of creative passion and critical thinking to create purposeful designs since 2015.

Tannaz holds a Bachelor of Design from York University and a Social Media Marketing Certificate from George Brown College.

Outside of work, you’ll find Tannaz getting chewed by her cats and trying to Ctrl+Z her life’s mishaps.
Tom Boresky
Art Director
Tom is a naturally talented creative professional who started at the agency in 2009 after we nabbed him following his student work placement. Today, he’s an Art Director who uses his considerable expertise to craft and guide compelling visual solutions for a wide variety of the agency’s local, national and international clients.

He’s a graphic design graduate from Red River College Polytechnic and is glad his nightmares about homework have finally stopped.

Tom has a functional addiction to classic automobiles and is proud dad to a Norwegian Elkhound named Luna.
Chris Riehl
Director of Development
Meet Chris, a versatile programmer who combines technical expertise with creative flair, adding depth and innovation to every project. He is the mastermind behind turning complex code into seamless digital solutions. But that’s just the beginning. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, Chris also excels as a 3-D artist, transforming concepts into captivating visual realities.

Off the digital canvas, you’ll often find Chris sketching out new ideas or hitting the ice for some exhilarating hockey action. A collector of sports cards, Chris’s appreciation for fine detail extends beyond programming, adding a unique layer to his multifaceted skillset.

We’re still trying to figure out what he’s thinking in the thought box sketched onto a white board behind his desk.


National Brand Identity Award, Economic Developers Association of Canada

For The City of Wetaskiwin

Council of the Advancement and Support of Education District VIII Awards 

Lethbridge College

Growth 500 Awards

#126 on Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies

Channel Innovation Awards

Diamond winner in the Best Digital Display Solution

CAMA Awards

DEKALB® Grower Stories - Media Execution

CAMA Awards

DEKALB® Print on Demand Seed Guide - Product Sales Literature

CASE District VIII Grand Gold Award

For The University of Manitoba

Gold in Advertising Campaign at World Media Festival | TOURISM

For Travel Manitoba Manitoba: Canada’s Heart Beats campaign

Global Communications Award

For The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association at the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) 2015 World Congress in Antwerp, Belgium

CASSIES AWARD, Bronze (now Effie Canada)

For The University of Manitoba work in the Long-Term Success Category

CASE District VIII Virginia Carter Smith Grand Crystal Award

For The University of Manitoba

Higher education marketers: Meet ED

Our higher education division, ED Marketing, works with post-secondary institutions across a wide range of projects, including everything from recruitment campaigns to pivotal philanthropic support.

Ed Marketing
We help reveal the stories that make colleges and universities stand out. Engaging the right people is how you rally the support of students and faculty, create pride amongst alumni, and build relationships with donors.
Before post-secondary institutions can become experts at sharing their stories, they need to deeply understand their brand. By rooting your messaging in great strategies, you can make the most of every touchpoint.
University of Manitoba’s Trailblazer brand expression
Olds College visual identity
McMaster University recruitment viewbook