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Nexans developed a new and improved cable that would make electricians’ lives easier. Now they needed to make them care.


Nexans, a global electrical cable supplier, faced a challenge in Canada. While they were well-known among their direct consumers such as contractors and electricians, there was a lack of brand affinity. These consumers typically prioritized cable specs over brand when making purchasing decisions, leading to a missed opportunity for Nexans.

To address this issue, Nexans conducted research and identified common hurdles faced by electricians, including inconvenient cable spools and a lack of measuring options. Recognizing the opportunity to offer a better solution, Nexans developed the CANADEX 2.0 NMD90, featuring a carrying handle, measurement lines, and a lubricated surface, making the hardest part of the job much easier.

However, for these improvements to make an impact, professionals needed to change their behaviour and start requesting the CANADEX 2.0 NMD90 by name.

Nexans Own the finish line poster


Before launching our full campaign, Show and Tell launched teaser ads that read “Faster installations, coming soon.” This way, audiences would already be interested in the product by the time the full campaign went live.

For the full campaign, all messaging centred around the idea that by purchasing the CANADEX 2.0 NMD90, their audience would “Own the finish line.

The campaign included in-store promotions and digital marketing on a variety of platforms including LinkedIn, which allowed us to target ads based on relevant job titles. The digital ads were stratified to focus on individual features, or the product in general.

By clicking on an ad, visitors were directed to a microsite where they could learn more about the product and its features, as well as watch videos showcasing its conveniences. If they wanted to ask specific questions, a contact form made it easy to get in touch with a member of Nexans’s sales team. 

We also translated the campaign concept to a video ad. Narration spoke directly to electricians, with callouts that aligned with footage of the cable in-use.

To appeal to electricians across all of Canada, we created both French and English versions for every execution in the campaign.

Nexans Sellsheets


In total, the landing page was visited over 9,000 times.

The majority of the traffic was attributable to a successful campaign on LinkedIn, where we targeted “Electrician” and “Construction”- related job titles.

Google Search ads also performed exceptionally well for direct conversions, outperforming top competitors in “Top of page” rate – and yielding both the highest engagement rate and lowest cost of our campaign assets. 

Higher engagement, at a lower cost – and with the right audience for Nexans' unique product offering.

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