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Meet the Team: Dean Hilario

Feb 8, 2024

Dean Hilario

We’re changed by what we share. So, we’re getting our fellow Show and Tellers to give us a glimpse into their own stories in our new “Meet the Team” series.  

We sat down with Dean Hilario, Account Coordinator to share all the good stuff – from his favourite ad campaign to the best restaurant in Winnipeg. 

How long have you been with The Show and Tell Agency?  

4 months. 

What did you learn from your previous role that prepared you for this one? 

I was an account executive in a previous role, which gave me crucial experience in all things client services. In addition to that, working in a start-up gives you a certain kind of resilience and a “figure it out” attitude from having to wear multiple hats at the same time.

This is your first agency job, what drew you to the position? 

It was exciting knowing I would be able to work with a plethora of clients, and be able to work with all of our really talented teams. 

Are you a more creative or analytical marketer?  

Analytical. I’m usually more interested in the HOW and WHY, and that goes beyond the marketing world. 

What has been one of your favourite ad campaign in recent years? Why? 

Pas Normal Studios’ Destination Everywhere campaign. They have done an incredible job creating and capturing real and organic content that is community-led. It’s a great example of a brand standing out in a saturated space through effective marketing. 

What’s your favorite advertising/marketing channel? 

Social Platforms. As a consumer, it’s the most immediate extension of a company’s brand. Although, I will always have a soft spot for print. 

You work out of our Winnipeg office: What’s your favourite restaurant in Winnipeg?  

Petit Socco – the place only seats 12 people inside, and they change their menu every so often. I think I’ve tried almost every menu since they opened. 
Also, honourable mention to Dairi-Wip for lunch. I usually get a fat boy burger (a Winnipeg staple) and fries. 

What’s your office ick?  
Being on Zoom with people who are in the same room as you.  
(PS:Editor’s note: This interview was NOT on zoom).  

Any hidden talents? 
 I can pour a pretty good cappuccino. Pics submitted for proof.    

Follow up: What’s your coffee order?  

 A cappuccino with oat milk, ideally on Sundays. I’m getting it from Café Postal with an almond croissant.  

If you weren’t coordinating accounts – what position would you want to hold at the agency? 

This is a tough one, but maybe I can be in charge of all things coffee related? 

What is your advice on maintaining great client relationships? 

Set clear expectations and have an open line of communication. 

Lastly, what advice would you give to someone new at the agency?  

Don’t be scared to ask questions, there is a wealth of knowledge here at the agency. 

Which team member will we interview next? What burning questions will we ask? Stay tuned to meet the rest of the Show and Tell Agency team.