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Measure What Matters: A KPI Framework for Ag Marketing Campaigns

Show and Tell on Jan 1, 2023

Binoculars seeing data

Marketing is a funny thing. Everyone on your leadership team agrees you need to do it. But few of them know how to measure it.  

So naturally, they turn to you and your ag marketing team, and ask you to tell them 'if we spend [this much] on marketing, we'll definitely get [this much] in return'.  

But ag marketers know, it doesn't work that way. There's nuance and variability that is unique to measuring marketing effectiveness. Still, ag marketers are expected to predict what outcomes their business can expect from their marketing campaigns — and defend their investment.  

With so many possible data points available to collect, analyze, and report on, it can be difficult to determine where to direct your focus. But savvy ag marketers who are serious about improving the efficacy of their marketing know how important it is to measure the right things.  

In this eBook, we’ll help you understand: 

  • How to harness the predictive power of KPIs

  • The data points to collect for optimizing your ag marketing spend 

  • The most impactful metrics to evaluate campaign results 

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