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Cambrian Credit Union

Cambrian offers the mortgage expertise home buyers need. Show and Tell ensured that valuable knowledge was reaching the right audience at the right time.

Mobile ads

Challenge: Meeting diverse audiences needs across platforms

When Cambrian Credit Union partnered with Show and Tell to launch a campaign promoting their new mortgage offers, we were tasked with defining a new creative direction that could be leveraged across all mortgage assets and tactics.

Solution: Matching potential clients with personalized solutions

Show and Tell developed and managed a digital campaign for Cambrian’s mortgages across search and social marketing channels — driving measurable and significant increases in booked mortgage applications.

Leveraging Cambrian’s brand identity system, Show and Tell created a new spin on the credit union’s historic use of illustration in ad campaigns.

The campaign projected aspirational examples of the type of homes Manitobans were striving for. Audiences were served ads based on their age, demographic, and location within Winnipeg, where Cambrian’s member base is concentrated. These prospective clients were presented with a message and style of home that closely matched their stage in life, helping them feel connected, confident and understood by Cambrian.

An informed home buyer is a happy home buyer

Website design and user-experience

Show and Tell also developed an updated website to better reflect Cambrian's bright, cheerful brand and significantly improve user experience. Thanks to the update, prospective mortgage clients could browse by intent, choose the page most relevant to them, and access tools, resources and promotions tailored for them.

Website responsive design

Web application design

In line with the credit union’s goal of providing useful tools for their members, Cambrian created a dynamic mortgage calculator to help new buyers understand what they can afford. Show and Tell helped amplify the tool’s effectiveness by visually designing the calculator to align with the Cambrian brand and integrated the tool into the revamped website to make it more accessible for users.

Web calculator

The outcome: website visitors could easily generate an estimated mortgage amount and payment before meeting with a mortgage specialist. Their results were then paired with resources that explained the home buying process and the offers available to them. This allowed Cambrian to help members become more financially literate, while positioning themselves as a valued, trusted information source.

Keeping content interesting, keeping content useful

To mitigate ad fatigue, Show and Tell created a strategy to deploy multiple media assets across various channels. Media varied in style and included promotional video, display advertising and educational assets.

Show and Tell helped Cambrian engage audiences with a combination of search engine marketing (SEM) and social ads, using both animated/video and static images to keep users interested. Cambrian's robust content hub was also used to create educational ad assets tailored to each audience’s needs.


Cambrian reported a substantial increase in booked mortgages

Thanks to these new tools and a greater focus on customer personas, Cambrian reported a substantial increase in booked mortgages and a significantly higher ROI compared to the previous year.

Campaign performance was broken down into two KPI categories to measure the effectiveness of digital channels and ads throughout the campaign.

  1. Positive Website Activity*
  2. High Purchase Intent Actions (HPI)*
*As a financial institution, Cambrian limits access to their organization’s data by third parties.

Positive website activity included mortgage calculator usage and PDF downloads. HPIs occurred when users completed an action further down the sales funnel (ex. online loan applications).

Cambrian used internal data to cross-tabulate booked mortgages with The Show and Tell Agency’s results and begin attributing real data to the customer journey. Measurable elements of this journey, such as the percentage of booked mortgages derived from the Home Affordability Calculator, helped inform on-going A/B tests and appropriate attribution to the agency’s marketing efforts.

Through our work with Cambrian, we helped improve users' experience on their site, while delivering a high-value online tool.

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